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Henan authorized dealer
Zhengzhou Tiantuo Lubricant Co., Ltd. Contact: Manager Li Phone: 13525527630
Phone: 0371-55638217
Address: Room 2202, East Unit, Building 3, Merlin Riverside, Hanghai Road and Zhongzhou Avenue, Zhengzhou City
Company Overview
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Henan Tiantuo Chemical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in consulting, sales, distribution, and after-sales service of Great Wall Lubricants. The company's main business: Great Wall lubricants, Great Wall grease, Great Wall 46 hydraulic oil, Great Wall Zhuoli hydraulic oil, Great Wall high pressure anti-wear hydraulic oil, Great Wall Wei Yue TSA32 / 46 steam turbine oil, Great Wall heavy duty 320 gear oil Great Wall CKC / CKD150 / 220/320/460 gear oil and other special lubricants, metalworking fluids, fully synthetic cutting fluids, Great Wall Aviation lubricants series. In 2009, we were honored to become the authorized distributor of Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants Henan Zhengzhou, a world top 500 company, and also the general agent of Great Wall Lubricants Henan Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou distributor in Henan. "Quality first, service first" is our eternal purpose!

Great Wall Lubricants (Zhengzhou) Sales Center Henan Tiantuo Chemical Co., Ltd. Contact: Li Heling Mobile: 13552527630
Phone: 0371-55638217

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