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Product performance of hydraulic products for Great Wall hydraulic supports (1)
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Product performance of hydraulic products for Great Wall hydraulic supports (1)

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Product performance of hydraulic products for Great Wall hydraulic support
Performance characteristics of hydraulic fluid for Great Wall hydraulic support
This product uses highly refined raw materials and a selection of non-ionic emulsifiers and anti-corrosion systems. It has excellent lubricity and wide compatibility with sealing materials.
◎ Excellent lubricating performance and sealing material compatibility, which can effectively avoid leakage ', thus reducing maintenance and material consumption costs
◎ Stable emulsification system can produce stable oil-in-water emulsion, avoiding oil-water separation, ensuring good performance
◎ Good anti-corrosion performance, can overcome salt mine water 'reduce corrosion and extend equipment life
This product is formulated with selected water-soluble additives and deionized water. Has excellent rust resistance and long-term use stability.
◎ Does not contain mineral oil, highly stable solution-type formula system to achieve excellent comprehensive performance
◎ Using advanced anti-corrosive additives, it can overcome salt mine water, reduce corrosion and prolong the service life of equipment
◎ Excellent use stability, can effectively avoid the clogging of the filtration system, thereby reducing maintenance and material consumption costs
◎ Different specifications and models can meet the water quality conditions of different water hardness for operation
The product implements the MT76 standard. In addition to the conventional physical and chemical properties, the coal industry standard also specifies performance indicators such as freeze-thaw resistance, high and low temperature stability, vibration stability, rust resistance, and lubricity of concentrated liquid products for hydraulic supports.
1.Physical and chemical properties
♦ Flash point
In order to ensure the safe operation of coal mining operations, the liquid used in the transmission system of the support under the mine is a water-based flame-resistant hydraulic fluid product, which is not easy to burn during normal operations. The product requires that the minimum temperature of the emulsified oil or concentrated liquid of the stent liquid for short-term combustion in the presence of an open flame is 11CTC or cannot be detected (that is, the flash point is none) to ensure the safety of the operation.
♦ pour point
The lowest temperature at which the cooled sample can flow is a general indicator of the low-temperature fluidity of the product. The pour point of the stent liquid product should not be too high to affect the normal operation under the mine.
♦ smell
In order to improve the liquid environment, the stent liquid products should be free of irritating odors.
♦ Refractive readings
The refraction reading is a reference bridging to judge the diluent concentration during the endurance process. Usually, the refractive index is multiplied by the specified coefficient of each product, which is equal to the actual petal of the product, and the linear relationship is basically maintained. Because different products have different refractive index. When using the product, the concentration should be used according to the value of the refractometer specified by the supplier. In the MT76-2011 specification, the refractometer indicator under the specified concentration was added to provide a reference for the concentration control after the stent fluid is switched. It is convenient for the product to carry out the actual dosing work on the production sample site.
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