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Great Wall Lubricants, Wind Power Lubricants, Special Oils for Wind Power Lubricants, Successfully Released
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Great Wall Lubricants, Wind Power Lubricants, Special Oils for Wind Power Lubricants, Successfully Released

Article source: Great Wall Lubricants Zhengzhou Release time: 2019-11-09 11:42 Views: 128

Great Wall Lubricants, Wind Power Lubricants, Special Oils for Wind Power Lubricants, Successfully Released

Pilot Wind Power Lubrication Standards, Great Wall Lubricants releases special grease for wind power lubrication

Great Wall Lubricants October 23

On October 22, the 2019 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (CWP) was grandly opened at the Beijing New International Exhibition Center. As one of the largest annual events in the global wind power industry, this conference attracted more than 400 companies from 17 countries to participate, bringing together the backbone of the global wind power industry. Great Wall Lubricants, as the formulator of China's wind power lubrication standards, was invited to participate in this conference, and held a press conference for wind power lubrication greases at the same time, bringing cutting-edge lubrication products and management experience to customers in the global wind power industry.

Qi Hesheng, Secretary General of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, Nian Fangqing, Deputy Secretary General, Lu Hesheng, Deputy General Manager of Chongqing Heavy Gear Wind Power Co., Ltd., Wang Chaoyang, Technical Director of Beijing Delica Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., and Deputy General Manager of Xiehe Wind Power Investment Co., Ltd. Liu Ruiqing, Deputy General Manager Li Qunxing of CECEP Wind Power (Zhangbei) Co., Ltd. and other wind farm owners attended the conference.

(2019 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition Great Wall Lubricant and Wind Power Special Oil Launch Conference Participating Leaders and Guests Group Photo)

Zhao Jiang, deputy general manager of Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant, said in the speech: "Since the introduction of special grease for wind power in 2008, after more than ten years of practice, Great Wall Lubricants has become the domestic leader in the lubrication industry in the wind power industry and can provide fans. The entire series uses oil, grease, and liquid. We have accumulated rich experience in comprehensive lubrication of key equipment and auxiliary equipment for large-scale wind power, which can completely provide lubrication guarantee for various types of wind power equipment. "

(Photo: Zhao Jiang, Deputy General Manager of Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant, addressed the conference)

Ten years of accumulated standards for wind power lubrication

Great Wall Lubricants is one of the earliest domestic enterprises involved in the field of wind power lubricants. In 2002, it began the research and development of wind power lubricants. In 2008, it undertook the National 863 Plan “Research on the Lubrication Specifications and Key Technologies of Wind Turbines Suitable for Extreme Weather Conditions in China” . After more than ten years of development and accumulation, the Great Wall Lubricant Wind Power Supporting Products have passed the certification of wind power companies in Shanghai, Dalian, Shenyang, Zhuzhou and other places, including the hydraulic system, cooling system, spindle system, generators and other key components in wind turbines. Parts, and has achieved large-scale application in Northeast China, Hebei and other places.

(Photo: Chronology of Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants Wind Power Lubrication)

Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant Beijing Institute of Emerging Industry Lubrication Technology Research Institute Zhao Haipeng said at the press conference: "Great Wall Lubricant is China's largest and most powerful R & D lubricant company. We have led the development of bearing grease, Gear grease, transmission gear oil, hydraulic oil and other national standards, and has close technical cooperation with Siemens, GE, Mingyang Wind Power, Jinfeng Technology and other domestic and foreign machine manufacturers, main gear box manufacturers . This guarantees that the technical capability of Great Wall Lubricants has always been at the forefront of the industry, and it can meet the world's most cutting-edge wind power equipment lubrication needs. "

(Photo: Zhao Haipeng, Director of the Lubricating Technology Research Institute of Emerging Industries of Great Wall Lubricant Beijing Research Institute, introduces special oil products for wind power)

"Technology + Service" helps the industry reduce costs and increase efficiency

It is understood that the cumulative installed capacity of wind power in China has exceeded 184 million KW. It is estimated that by 2020, China's wind power installed capacity will reach 210 million KW, and the industry has a bright future. At the same time, wind power prices will come online in 2020. Lower electricity prices and higher investment costs are testing various links in the industry chain. Under this trend, "reducing costs and increasing efficiency" has become the industry's biggest demand for sustainable development.

(Photo: Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant Wind Power Lubrication Product Exhibition, on-site visitors are consulting at the booth)

According to statistics, in the downtime of wind turbines in China, 70% of the total failures of wind turbines are caused by gearbox and bearing damage. Among them, the faults caused by improper selection of lubricants account for a high proportion. It can be said that "lubrication" has become a breakthrough point for wind power companies seeking to reduce costs and increase efficiency. At the press conference, Gao Feng, a R & D engineer of the Lubrication Technology Research Institute of Sinopec Great Wall Lubricating Grease Research Institute, said in the product introduction: "Through the viscosity Compared with the mainstream products on the market, it can be seen from the tests of 19 items, such as Great Wall Wind Grease has better anti-wear and anti-oxidation performance, which can extend the service life of fan gears and bearings, thereby reducing the operation and maintenance of enterprises. cost."

In addition, in terms of services, Great Wall Lubricants has been involved in front-end scientific research to identify customers' grease needs, to grease selection, application, procurement, and lubrication management, monitoring and analysis system services, which can provide a one-stop shop for wind power companies. Lubrication services reduce the communication management cost of enterprises and help customers easily solve the lubrication problems of wind power equipment.

Taking technology first, looking ahead to market demand, and deeply cultivating service terminals, Great Wall Lubricants will continue to play the leading role of industry leaders in the future, and fully meet the new demand and new trends of the wind power industry. Help wind power companies regulate oil consumption, reduce the full life cycle cost of wind power equipment, give play to "small lubrication and great value", and jointly contribute to the sustainable development of new energy wind power in China.

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