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How to help you identify the authenticity of Great Wall Lubricants
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How to help you identify the authenticity of Great Wall Lubricants

Article source: Great Wall Lubricants Henan General Agent Release time: 2019-07-27 14:02 Views: 81
How to help you identify the authenticity of Great Wall Lubricants
Many customers called Henan Tiantuo Chemical Co., Ltd., an authorized distributor of Great Wall Lubricants, to inquire here how to check the authenticity of the Great Wall Lubricants they bought. The authorized distributor of Great Wall Lubricants in Henan welcomes you to inquire at 13552527630 , so that more Great Wall Lubricants consumers have more professional knowledge, and it is our goal to provide high-quality services for you to purchase Great Wall Lubricants from a professional perspective.
There are three ways to check the anti-counterfeiting of Great Wall lubricants:
1. Great Wall Lubricants official WeChat. Recently, the official WeChat account of Great Wall Lubricants has been successfully converted to a service number. As a result, the official WeChat account of Great Wall Lubricants has been transformed from a single communication tool to a mobile platform with all background functions and interfaces and a self-developed platform. Customers can query after binding the mobile phone number and verify by SMS verification code, but each verification is currently limited to checking up to 3 anti-counterfeit codes.
2. Great Wall lubricants official customer service inquiry. When you are not sure whether the Great Wall Lubricant you purchased is genuine, you can call the official Great Wall Lubricant customer service phone: 400-810-9886 for voice inquiries, or you can switch to manual inquiries as prompted. (1) Anti-counterfeiting query: Identify the only official inquiry telephone number 4008109886, and enter the 18-digit anti-counterfeiting code in turn according to the prompt voice. The new anti-counterfeiting code can only be queried for the first time, and a second query will prompt you for the first query time. Query this anti-counterfeit code for the first time, but what you get is already queried at some time, which indicates that this anti-counterfeit code is counterfeit, and this barrel of Great Wall lubricants should also be counterfeit products).
(2) Manual inquiry can provide: Each barrel of Great Wall Lubricant products will have their product batch number which is equivalent to our own ID card. Each batch number corresponds to the database of Great Wall Lubricant Company (product name, specifications, model) , Production date, etc.), if the batch number cannot be found or the corresponding (product name, specifications, model, production date, etc.) does not match the actual situation, it is a counterfeit product.
3. Identify yourself from the Great Wall packaging.
(1) The inspector's badge is on the bottom of genuine hydraulic oil. Some are one chapter, some are two chapters like this, and the color is not a color. There is a seam at the bottom, and you should draw it along the seam with your hand. It should not feel like a hand, and it should be smooth.
(2) Look at the front label. The label is printed on the barrel. It can be identified by fingernails. It is not a paper sticker. Any label that is a sticker is a fake.
Regardless of the above three methods, you can identify the authenticity of Great Wall hydraulic oil. If you want to purchase genuine Great Wall Lubricants, you still go to the regular Great Wall Lubricants authorized dealer to purchase, so that you can rest assured, assured, rest assured, the key is to save money.
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