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The letter above cannot be concealed, not that Great Wall Lubricant can hide it.
Your position: Great Wall Lubricants > Certificate of Honor > The above letter cannot be concealed, not that Great Wall Lubricants can hide it if they want to hide it

The letter above cannot be concealed, not that Great Wall Lubricant can hide it.

Article Source: Great Wall Lubricant Sales Center Release Time: 2017-03-11 14:00 Views: 77

[Letter from above] I can't hide it, not the Great Wall can hide it

2017-03-10 Great Wall Lubricants

Afternoon yesterday, I have eaten. Suddenly the messenger arrived and wrote it. No one looks around, I peep. Moo play! Unexpectedly, what was said in the letter was very explicit, so my face was also very angry.

Yesterday at noon, I (Great Wall Lubricant) just finished eating. Suddenly found that the express brother came and asked me to sign a letter. When I look around, no one wants to peek. Oh my god! I did not expect that the content of the letter was too explicit, and I looked blushed.

Don't ask what is written in my letter, I'm sorry to say that you guys should read it for yourself:

For those who have not always understood what aerospace-grade lubrication protection is, do you understand now?

Although the rocket ship does not use the engine oil of our family car, but the comfortable Great Wall lubricant that even the Shenzhou ship can serve, is it hard for you not to move?

You said imported lubricants are better?

Don't leave before school wink I have something to talk to you ~

As more and more foreign products "fly into the homes of ordinary people", people have gradually learned more about the quality of foreign products, but many people still have the consciousness that "foreign goods must be better than domestic goods" in actual purchase. , Into the buying inertia. Is this habit undesirable?

According to statistics, from January to November 2016, 45 batches of lubricants were imported from Ningbo Port, of which 6 batches of lubricants were unqualified, and the unqualified rate reached 13%. It can be seen that the foreign brand does not represent high quality. According to statistics of unqualified conditions, among the unqualified items of imported lubricants are low-temperature performance items, such as low-temperature pumping viscosity, pour point, etc. These items mainly indicate the effect of engine oil on the low-temperature starting of the engine. Ranked second is the foam characteristics item. Failure of this item will cause cavitation wear on the surface of the part. Ranked third is the high temperature performance items of lubricants, such as high temperature and high shear viscosity. If these items fail, the oil cannot provide good lubrication for the engine at high temperatures.

Therefore, we still choose "reliable" for the selection of motor oil. Let's do it if we lose our wife and lose our troops. Speaking of which, we have to go back to our Great Wall Lubricants. More than 65% of car companies in China choose Great Wall Lubricants as the filling oil and after-sales oil for new car shipments. Identifying the quality of the original oil can not only save money, but also worry. Did this get caught off guard, did you get it?

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Summer in Jinan Motor oil, only served Jin Jixing Yesterday
The still water is flowing deep The Great Wall Lubricants accompany me throughout the river
The rising sun rises, the Great Wall Jinjixing is awesome, yesterday
I always recommend Great Wall Lubricants to customers, and customers respond to the quality.
A0 professional watch repair 18937269881
Yes, I firmly believe in my choice, Great Wall Lubricants, Jinjixing J600, our domestic production meets the needs of the Chinese Yesterday
020 When I made a special offer, I bought three barrels at a time. My mother said I sold oil. I said that you have never seen ten barrels at a time. Yesterday
Lu Rongliang I only use Jinjixing national price aerospace quality to support domestic products Yesterday
 lightly 
Seriously, conscience motor oil has been used! I want to say, Jin Jixing, you Niu X. Do n’t be proud, carry on. Yesterday
Guan Daoming believes that there is no corner of the world today that dares not have Honda and Toyota cars. The key to the success of Japan and Japan is quality, solidness, durability, and peace of mind. I hope that the national brand Great Wall will make persistent efforts and become China's "two fields"
3 Author replies Come on! !!
Zi Cong's father, Chen Lei, is the last brother Tian Liang yesterday?
1 Author's reply Just like ~
A Haitao Motor oil is very good, I often buy it at Tmall flagship store, but I hope not to increase the price every year, more discounts and more activities.
Deep and deep heart love big love Jin Jixing! Love my Great Wall, domestic products strengthen themselves!
Happy hours awesome great wall lubricants, we trust you yesterday

AA dust stone fall marks 18903925482
To buy oil, you must see clearly that you only buy Jin Jixing Aerospace High-tech, you ca n’t help but you ca n’t help Jin Jixing, you stubbornly yesterday The above message was displayed after being filtered by the public account.  

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